11-01-2017 : The Victorinox Swisscard as a generator of ideas

This little compact Victorinox Swisscard acts like a generator of ideas as far as I am concerned, little sparks of fun, shall I dare to say wallet fun . So here is the idea of a "survival wallet" or "tool wallet" by comparaison with the Victorinox Swisscard, it would be larger tools directly fitted inside a complete wallet.

Practically :

"survival wallet" or "tools wallet" already exists, but for what I have seen they are either not a wallet for money at all, so really an independent little zipped bag, or a really big wallet that would be quite hard to carry around everyday.

So there is probably a market segment for standard size wallets with very flat tools making a full use of the available surface, this also means that it could not be sold separately from the wallet because it would be unlikely to fit properly in most wallets, further on thickness would be double on many parts because the movable "folder" would have its own shaping fabrics thick enough to have a consistent shape, and third but not least we don't want these little device to move around when using the wallet as a payment wallet so the most compact practical options include the wallet sold with the tools and tools carrier.

Full description of this flat tools wallet :

A standard size wallet when open can easily have a size of about 25cm x 10 cm and have two diagonals of about 14cm, so it's enough to store tools with a 14cm rigid part and offers a surface of 250 cm2 which is plenty enough to store a little survival set for different environments :
And on the top of these three sets we can certainly add again a Victorinox Swisscard!

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