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Writing directly with a Victorinox swisscard
The ballpoint pen is usable directly while handling this modified Victorinox SwissCard and feels very comfortable for most users, it also means that we are less likely to lose the little ball pen. Interestingly when counting only this modification the end result is lighter than the original card and would be quite easy to implement at the production level! At the inverse it's quite difficult to make at home because a special drill bit associated the capabilities to dig a proper ridge inside the plastic are necessary. Amazingly it looks like writing with something almost as flat as a business card was very rare or maybe completely missing from the Web, in this case I am very glad to fill the gap :-) especially because it feels very good to have tĥis Victorinox card in this writing position, the grip is perfect and on top of that it's even possible if it's too dark to use the little light associated with this Victorinox SwissCard and allowing a better view on what we write. So we probably have here the world first writing card with an integrated light helping to write when it's too dark :-))) Interestingly we can see on the large image that the compass itself gives an agreeable touch to the card grip while writing.